Fear and Loathing in Austin, Texas

Recovering Alcoholic or SUTIN

When I’m having a bad day I remember Jenny Schecter died and I feel better about everything. 

Three years ago it seemed like everybody I knew from high school was getting married. Now they’re all getting divorced. I’d be lying if I said that didn’t make me a little happy. 

Today, while listening to Dudley & Bob on my drive to work, I learned that reality star turned pornstar and general pile of human garbage Farrah Abraham is now living in Austin and working as a a stripper at Palazio. Keep Austin Weird, I guess.

So…True Blood…

Why did I watch the whole thing? Obviously, I hate myself. Let’s just say that finale was Dexter levels of bad.

Moffat’s got to go.

Capaldi’s first episode and Moffat still manages to make it a big ol’ tribute to him, his greatness and his glorious episodes from the 9 & 10 era that he hasn’t been able to recreate since taking over. I’ll keep watching because I think Peter Capaldi is a talented actor and he’s going to play the Doctor well but he’s going to be severely limited by Steven Moffat’s self-importance and constant need to go back and reference how great he is and how great his episodes were. I stopped counting after 4, but you can only go “oh, this seems familiar, I know I’ve seen this before,” so many times before it passes being meta and becomes clear that you’ve run out of ideas.