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TV Critics push ABC to explain diverse fall lineup






ABC has one of the most diverse fall programming slates in TV history, and critics want to know why.

At the Television Critics Association press tour Tuesday, ABC chief Paul Lee fielded questions from reporters pushing for a more detailed explanation for why ABC greenlit three ethnic family comedies (Anthony Anderson’s Black-ish, Cristela Alonzo’s Cristela, and Eddie Huang’s Fresh Off the Boat, coming midseason), plus another drama series starring a black actress, Shonda Rhimes’ How to Get Away with Murder.


what a time to be alive.

Translation: “Hey ABC! What’s with all the non-WASPs? Kerry Washington was one thing, but now we’re starting to get uncomfortable. It looks like only 90% is dedicated to people who look like me, what gives?”

Hmm. I follow a few critics on Twitter (off the top of my head: Alyssa Rosenberg and Linda Holmes) and they both mention diversity fairly often and not with a “but why?” tone. I think this headline mischaracterizes the exchanges critics have had. From the live tweeting I’ve seen, critics are interested in more diversity rather than less. In the linked article, the question regarding The Goldbergs is more “why aren’t they explicitly Jewish” than “why are they Jewish?”

Obviously I am not at the TCAs and I don’t follow ALL the critics so maybe I’m wrong.

Yeah, my BF is a journalist who attended the TCAs, and the tone pretty much was “it’s about time!” And they’ve been taking CBS (and other networks) to task for their lack of diversity.

This headline is intentionally misleading because nothing gives white supremacists more fodder than “Critics” [I.E. The two critics quoted out of context] Asking why there are so many brown and black people on my TV.

The reality is that these shows actually partially pander to the actual population and it makes white folks hella uncomfortable.

Hey, remember that time ABC had a hilarious comedy with an interracial couple and then cancelled it? I don’t watch ABC anymore because of that.

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Bill Murray did the flowers-in-your-beard thing first. Just stop it, hipsters.

Bill Murray did the flowers-in-your-beard thing first. Just stop it, hipsters.


I absolutely hate smug food blog commenters that say shit like “I never use butter or milk when making macaroni and cheese, I use olive oil and a little water.”

Well guess who is never eating at your disgusting house, you goddamned savage. 

Is that something people actually do? I am genuinely offended.

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I wish someone would have thrown an apple at Brad’s head during his interview. That would have been top.